Regex Fu: Not Followed By

Everyone has their own regular expression implementation; especially text editors. One is good, while the rest range from absurd to almost usable. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll find yourself in a strange environment needing to do some funky regex fu. So for the sake of argument, let’s imagine we have a standard no-frills regex [...]

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AJAX OnBlur Commits: Cool Vs Usability

I am not anti “Web 2.0“. I have enjoyed seeing the evolution of web applications under its banner, though I find the concept – as intangible as it can be – amusing at times. I have to say, though, that there are certainly instances when I know it has gone too far. I am finding more and more overly AJAX-ified sites which seem to be increasingly focused on how many items on the Web 2.0 checklist they can cross off and less on the usability principles which will give their visitors the smooth and comfortable experience they deserve.

This article really only touches on one example that I have experienced recently: onBlur commits (AJAXified, of course).

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