Notes on compiling LinuxSampler

I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 (64-bit) on a new machine and am currently in the middle of compiling LinuxSampler, and for some reason had to make source changes to the latest stable to get it to compile.

For starters, I had to run configure with --prefix=/usr. Don’t know whether that’s a 64-bit thing, a me-being-noob thing, or a LinuxSampler thing.

I had to add an include to algorithm in src/RIFF.h
I added an include to memory in src/db/InstrumentsDbUtilities.h. Also had to add typedef unsigned char uint8_t to src/drivers/midi.h
Added includes to string.h in src/gigedit/paramedit.h and src/gigedit/mainwindow.h

The rest of it was really smooth sailing.

I’ll also try to remember the dev dependencies I had to install:

  • sqlite3
  • asound
  • jack
  • gtkmm
  • qt4
  • sndfile

Can’t remember anything else…

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