We’re not dead!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that Amos and I are still getting about. We’ve both been busy on our own projects and lives this last 18ish months, but in the last few months each of us has transitioned to a new and exciting phase of our lives.

Amos has started his honours research program at UNSW in Sydney which is really exciting. He’s sharing all the info over at his honours blog.

I’ve started the transition from my in-office Technical Director to full-time remote developer. I’ll continue to work for Get Started but will be unshackled from the office and free to travel, which I’ll be doing with pleasure. You can read the announcement on my projeqt page.

I have plans for a series of posts over the next few months, starting with a series on estimation tips and techniques. Having an opportunity to reorganise my time means that I should be able to blog more frequently and I certainly hope to do that.

So sit tight! You’ll hear more from us shortly :-)


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