KleeneCode is a collaborative blogging project by Amos Robinson and Carly Lyddiard. It was started to share tips and tricks (and occasionally rants) with other developers who wish not only to learn to develop, but to develop well.

Amos Robinson

Amos has a gift for problem solving and software architecture. Since 2004 he’s been working and playing in software and web development in various languages and industries, and he outshines many developers with twice as many years. He has an ability to easily and logically define the heart of a problem while using his creative side to implement a solution that is insightful, simple and elegant.

Amos is currently undertaking his honours research program with UNSW in Sydney, on implementing rewrite rules in the Disciple language. You can read more on his blog at ddc.hammondmorgan.com.

Amos also enjoys functional programming, listening to music, playing classical guitar and travelling the east coast of Australia while sampling local brews. His personal blog can be found at www.amospheric.com.

Carly Lyddiard

Carly has been working professionally in the field of web sites and web application development since 2000, primarily in Microsoft Technologies. She’s worked on in-house dev teams as well as commercial teams and across both public and private sector employers and projects. Her skillset includes SDLC evaluation and process improvement, implementation of standards and QA processes as well as establishing best practices, helping smaller business make the move to medium sized dev teams.

Carly studied computer science at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and is recently completed postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics through Monash University. She remains interested in algorithmics, emerging technologies and the future of the web. She plays the violin, mandolin and tenor guitar (all terribly!), enjoys hiking, reading, listening to music and debating anything and everything over a cider or coffee.

After travelling in South America over 2008 – 2009 she began working with Melbourne web development team Get Started as Technical Director and in June 2012 switched roles to a remote Solutions Architect for GS, exploring the globe. Her (very neglected) personal blog containing travel stories and other bits and pieces can be found at www.palegoldenrod.com.